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Tabernacle In The Wilderness

About Us

At Shabbat Retreat, we offer unforgettable tours and events that allow visitors to experience the Tabernacle in a unique, immersive way. Our Museum Quality Biblical Artifacts are carefully curated to enhance the spiritual experience of our visitors. Our ministry's clarion call is for the local Community of Believers to Come, Draw Near! Whether you are a group looking to deepen your faith or an individual seeking a deeper connection with God, we offer something for everyone. Our Glamping accommodations, including Tiny Houses, Tents, and RVs, allow for opportunities of 'quiet time' to get away and commune with God in natural surroundings.

The Team

The Camp Keepers
@ Shabbat Reteat


At Shabbat Retreat, we take pride in offering a truly unique and immersive religious experience. Our dedicated team of camp keepers are passionate about sharing the Tabernacle experience with visitors from all backgrounds and walks of life. From traditional Shabbat ceremonies to engaging community events, we offer a variety of programs to help our visitors find peace, reflection and inspiration.


At Shabbat Retreat, we value our partnerships and believe that together we can achieve our shared goals. We welcome the participation of pastors, Messianic Rabbis, churches, congregations, Sabbath and Sunday school teachers, local community leaders, Messianic worship teams, Torah students and leaders. If you have a shared vision and would like to sponsor or partner with us, we would be more than happy to collaborate with you on creating a memorable experience for your community. We also invite you to directly serve as lead teachers and/or tour guides on the Tabernacle of Moses. Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together to achieve our common goals.

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